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Storage Mixers

Storage Mixers

invoit Plast Machinery Pvt. Ltd., brings the World Class information to the Bi Axial Machine and Rotomoulders in India and out of the nation by Installing Rotomoulding Plants in Five Continents, and having close bringing as one with our clientele.

The carousel-type machine has been equipped with a set of innovative solutions aimed at maximization of productivity, and ensuring intuitive operation. The subassemblies applied in our machine enable flexible approach to control issues put by our Clients. Communication between a controller and inverters within POWERLINK network provides faster data exchange, which enables an immediate and appropriate reaction. The PLC is equipped with a very powerful processor. The whole system is characterized by extraordinary durability, thus ensuring long-term and efficient operation. The software tools enable creating unique machine features.

  • Vertically mounted blending screw and cylinder ensure even mixing of materials.
  • Removable top assembly (lid, motor, and control box) for easy cleaning.
  • Auto-stop timer function.
  • Equipped with main power switch and safety interlock to ensure operator's safety.
  • Storage mixers have a height-adjustable floor stand and braking castors as standard accessories for easy movement.

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