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Granulator Supplier in Uttarakhand

Granulator Supplier in Uttarakhand

Granulator Supplier in Uttarakhand:

Invoit Plast Machinery Pvt. Ltd:
Ahmedabad, where Invoit Plast Machinery Pvt. Ltd. is based, is a major hub for the Indian plastics sector.

One of India’s most forward-thinking and quality-conscious companies is Invoit Plast machines Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer and exporter of plastic processing machines. In the recycling and material processing industries, manufacturers use granulators as devices to decrease the size of various materials like plastics, rubber, wood, and other waste products. Designers create these devices with the purpose of breaking down bulk materials into smaller particles or granules, thus simplifying the handling, transportation, and recycling of such materials.

There are different types of granulators available, including slow-speed granulators, medium-duty granulators, and heavy-duty granulators. Let’s explore each type:

Slow-speed granulator: Slow-speed granulators have a modest rotor speed, often ranging between 20 and 100 rotations per minute (RPM). They are appropriate for materials that require careful handling and little heat generation.

Medium-duty granulator: Intended for general-purpose applications, medium-duty granulators offer a balanced combination of throughput capacity and cutting force. They have slow rotor speeds, usually between 100 and 300 RPM. Medium-duty granulators may work with a variety of materials, including thicker plastic parts, tiny to medium-sized components, and a variety of industrial waste items.

Heavy-duty granulator: Manufacturers construct sturdy machines called heavy-duty granulators to effectively handle tougher and larger materials. They have faster rotor speeds, usually ranging from 300 to 600 RPM.
In applications requiring high throughput, substantial cutting power, and durability, people utilize heavy-duty granulators. They’re prevalent in industries including plastics recycling, wood processing, and large-scale waste management.

We Provide Granulator Supplier in Uttarakhand including various areas like Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Nainital, Chamoli, Haldwani, Ranikhet, Uttarkashi, Pantnagar Etc.


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