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Pressure Conveying System

Pressure Conveying System

Due to less physical restrictions pressure conveying systems are often much larger than vacuum conveying systems. Pressure conveyors generally are used to convey materials from one distribution point to several receiving silos which can be bigger than 100 m³ in volume. A typical application is filling of silos.

Various industries involve processes that require the transportation of materials in powdered and granular form. Several bulk materials are transmitted in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, rubber industries and many more. For this, a suitable and straightforward system called Pneumatic Conveying System is extensively used.

Where strict environmental control is not necessary, an open system is generally used. Most pneumatic conveying pipeline systems can ensure totally enclosed material conveying, and so with suitable gas–solid separation and venting, the vast majority of materials can be handled quite safely in open systems. Many potentially combustible materials are conveyed in open systems by incorporating necessary safety features. Air is used for conveying most materials. Nitrogen and other gases can be used for particular materials and applications, but because of the added cost of operation, closed-loop systems are more commonly used in these cases.

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