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Vacuum Loader

Vacuum Loader

Vacuum loaders are the simplest version of a ‘resin conveying system’ but they are not an integral part of a central conveying system. Self-contained vacuum loaders are used to transfer pellets, regrind and powders from a single source (usually a Gaylord) to a single destination (usually a blender, drying hopper or machine throat). A pickup lance is inserted into the material source container and a length of flexible hose connects the lance to the loader. The loader is mounted on top of the destination point and a small powerful motor creates a vacuum that sucks the material up through the pickup lance and flexible hose into the body of the loader.

Self-contained loaders accomplish the loading process automatically – eliminating the need for a person to climb a ladder with a bucket of resin to fill a hopper or bin. This saves labor, reduces material spillage and increases safety.

Vacuum Loaders are used to reducing labor and resin waste with self-contained, ready-to-install loading systems for pellets and regrind. VCON series loaders provide self-contained, vacuum transfer of plastic pellets and regrind over short distances using powerful Single-phase / Three-phase Vacuum motors. Standard models are made for flange mounting to existing bins or hoppers. Self-contained Vacuum Loaders are called by several names. They may be called Loaders, Pneumatic Conveyors, Hopper Loaders, Bin Loaders, Plastics Loaders, Pellet Loaders, Regrind Loaders, Powder Loaders or Motor Loaders.

There are conventional vacuum loaders and more recent designs that have features like slanted lids for easy access, clear glass center sections, so operation can be viewed, and flat bottoms that do not protrude down into the container on which they are mounted.

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