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Flexible Silos

Flexible Silos

Invoit Plast Machinery Pvt ltd represents the World Leader in the design and supply of internal storage silo solutions.

Flexible silos provide optimum use of available space, have extremely long durability, and are the most flexible and versatile of all. Today, flexible silos are in demand everywhere plastic needs to be stored quickly, efficiently, and safely with the best value The special requirements of plastic storage materials related to construction and equipment are precisely adapted, eg. Regarding outlet diameter, taper bevel, or geometry.

A major advantage of flexible silos is that they can be built on-site with a simple steel frame, meaning you can erect them in situ, without the need for large cranes or the removal of doors, walls, or even ceilings. It is very easy to discharge or empty the silo. When the product is emptied the fabric silos change shape so you get a very flexible cone

Many of our silos are used as debits so that they are filled only once per shift to ensure production without interruption when using sacks, large bags, or octa bins.

With sizes ranging from 1te to 50te, all sizes are suitable, we have the right solution for your bulk storage needs. Silos can be both square and rectangular in design.

Features :

  • Economical

  • Filtrating fabric

  • Fast and easy assembly/disassembly

  • Transpiring fabric

  • Anti-dust

  • Very resistant, reinforced fabric

  • Anti-static fabric on option

  • Vibrating extractor under flexible storage silo

Characteristics of standard flexible silos :

  • Modular frame made of galvanized piping of suitable dimensions
  • Silo body made of reinforced, transpiring, dustproof fabric
  • Top made of antistatic fabric suitable to breathe and filter the air when loading
  • Loading opening made of fabric pipe diam. 100 mm

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