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Heavy Duty Granulator

Heavy Duty Granulator

Invoit Plast Machinery Pvt Ltd heavy-duty granulators offer a wide range of rotor designs and hope.

Designed specifically for the continuous high-volume recovery of the toughest materials, Polymer Systems’ heavy-duty machines are precision machined with heavy steel plates and stress-relieved weldments throughout. Massive construction of the cutting chamber, rotor, and drive assembly provides maximum rigidity, allowing close knife settings without fear of misalignment or machine damage due to shock loads or continuous operation.

Only Polymer Systems’ granulators have a clear, unobstructed feed opening equal to the rotor diameter for maximum performance through every inch of the cutting circle. This unique design maximizes granulator capacity, eliminates bottlenecks at the entrance to the cutting chamber, and dramatically increases effective screen area for fast throughput. A special sound-deadening composite material is used for hopper walls on all Press sides, Large Parts, Shurfeed 2000, and Heavy Duty Polymer granulators.

The Pipe and Profile Granulators of the heavy Duty Granulator series are available in rotor widths of up to 1400mm and diameters ranging from 560 to 700 mm. The completely welded heavy steel cutting chamber is angled and fitted with an extended hopper to allow easy feeding of parts. The standard V-cut creates a high-quality regrind with a very low percentage of fines in the output material. Other standard features include a hydraulically opened hopper as well as outboard bearings reducing the risk of contamination.

This unique triple-ply laminate has a thin elastomeric membrane between two sheets of steel, identical to what is used in firewalls of some luxury automobiles. It dramatically reduces noise transmitted through the hopper walls and out the feed opening by dampening the sharp, metallic ringing noise caused by material hitting the inside walls. Double-wall designs offer little noise reduction when compared to our triple-ply design.

  • Rugged, powerful central granulators for heavy moldings, pipes, sheets, films and blow molding scrap
  • Massive & durable rotor shaft and bearings
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Double Angle Cut
  • Trouble-free continuous performance
  • Heavy production rates
  • Quality, uniform granulate
  • Available with 50 HP up to 200 HP
  • Precisely designed
  • Robust construction

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