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Plastic Pulverizer

Plastic Pulverizer Machine Manufacturer, Exporter

We Invoit Plast Machinery Pvt Ltd. a manufacturer of all kind of machinery related to plastic product industries, offers a Pulverizer machine with modern technology to meet the demands of customers. Our Pulverizer machines are useful for materials of high & Low-density materials such as LDPE, LLDPE, PC, PS, PET, PVC, EWA, etc.

For Pulverizing granulated particles we have developed a uniquely designed Pulverizer with certain processing principles. Granulated / Grinded raw materials are faded into the grinders called Mill to draw the raw material a suction system is provided, different screening systems are provided to get the required powder mesh, and rough particles from the screen are referred into the grinders (mill) through the closed-loop process and the powder is collected with blower cyclone system. The Finished products will be collected into the bags.

With the expansion and constant need for quality Powder For PVC, Roto Moulding, and other master batches of plastic raw material, the Pulverizing process has become an initial stage of plastic products manufacturing industries.

Our Pulverizer machines are operated with a special sensor and control for pressure, temperature, and power consumption register to enable round-the-clock operation.

The pulverizer machine process is the plastic granules load to the hopper, the granules are transferred to pulverizing mill with the support of vibro feeder then after it transforms into powder form, the blower will pull the powder from pulverizing mill and forward to the cyclone and through the compartment valve it moves to vibro shifter for isolated fine powder. Plastic Pulverizer Machine is manufactured using supreme-grade of carbon steel products with the support of advanced tools and devices. It is useful for grinding, making animal feed, and making smooth powder in just a few minutes. This machinery unit is supportive of small-scale industries and multipurpose marketable applications. It has a robust construction and consumes less power consumption. Plastic Pulverizer Machine is built with an anti-corrosive surface coating to obtain fewer maintenance charges.

  • Complete robust & very sturdy structure for sound and vibration-free operation.
  • Magnetic-type vibrating feeder for uniform and controlled feeding of material.
  • The main grinding disc is made from superior-grade material for longer life.
  • Very effective water cooling system with the jacketed arrangement.
  • Vibratory screen for fine re-pulverizing of course material.
  • The main shaft is made from special hardened steel and is dynamically balanced.
  • Powder-coated electrical control Panel with all safety features & major switch gears of M/s L&T or Siemens make.
  • All components and electrical accessories are of reputed & reliable make.
  • Complete design with flexibility & perform fine pulverizing of a wide range of plastics material like LLDPE and RPVC.
  • A plastic pulverizer machine is specialized in producing plastic powder from plastic granules and scraps. The whole unit includes a feeding hopper, grinding chamber, vertex hopper, vibrating sieve, regrinding system, and dust cleaner.
  • Together the board and the cutting blade are made of abrasion-resistant steel, which has excellent performance after heat treatment. Simple replaceable of first-class knives, and it can be used frequently after grinding.
  • This plastic pulverizer machine has low power consumption, high yield, a good-designed structure, and easy installation. In virtue of automatic feeding, automatic separation, and mechanical discharging, this plastic grinding mill is completely air-proof and without any dust leaks.
  • The powder fineness can be adjusted. It just needs to use a filler gauge and adjust the bolt to understand precise adjustment.
  • Invoit Plast Machinery Pvt. Ltd. located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India., is a manufacturer and supplier of Plastic Pulverizer Machine to India specifically Hyderabad, Nasik, Chennai, Baroda, Bangalore, and Rajkot.
  • Invoit Plast Machinery Pvt. Ltd. is also a leading exporter of Plastic Pulverizer machines to South Africa, Dubai UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Qatar. Contact us to get reliable support from Indian exporters.

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