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Vertical Batch Mixer

Vertical Batch Mixer

Vertical Batch mixer, wetted components Gears, bearings, shafts, and other drive train components designed for robust horsepower requirements Mechanical seal glands are located outside the product Bowl with thermocouple well is fully catered Bowl has hydraulically lifted Design provides for steam, pressure operation Larger models incorporate a built-in deluge system Mixer is equipped with explosion-proof drive dual planetary vertical precise orbit around the Dual plantation eliminates the dead spot each blade and more efficiently distributes better thermal mixing tooth" feature offsets the blade rotation path slightly with each full This dramatically close points of the outer This enhances mixing efficiency still further and reduces bowl wall film. The blades tend to fully wipe the bowl.

Invoit plast machinery pvt ltd vertical batch mixers are in operation across all industries. Depending on your application, they process dry or wet, free-flowing, or sticky products. In the food sector, the gentle production of spice blends is a classic application. In the pharmaceutical industry, vertical mixers are used for the production of APIs, while the production of cellulose is the most common application in the chemical industry. The conical mixers are perfectly suited to nearly any mixing task, and the heated version can also be used as a dryer, reactor, or evaporator.

Vertical mixers offer exceptionally long service life, the minimum time for cleaning, and consistent batch quality. Uniform operating characteristics and a wide selection of working capacities facilitate the transition from laboratory development to full-scale production operations.PROCESS Manufacturers of Baker Perkins Machinery Process Equipment and Systems.

  • Gentle mixing of delicate materials
  • Complete discharge in case of frequent product changes
  • Perfect mixing quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Consistently reproducible product quality

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