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Big Bag Unloading System

Big Bag Unloading System

Invoit Plast Machinery Pvt Ltd. takes great pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and ensures that each and every design has the option to be customized where required. Especially for those industries that work with materials that need to be added to an assembly line system, our Jumbo bag loaders and the bulk bag unloading system are particularly useful.

This is important especially when the manufacturing process requires a certain amount of mixing. The designs for the Jumbo Bag loaders and the bulk bag unloading systems are all tested and meet the required industry standards for weight balance and quality. At, we have a team of qualified designers and these all share a common goal with the company to ensure the best performance for their products and a consistent standard of results.

This system of loading and unloading large quantities of the material requires engineering skills and each and every design from our range of machines is tried and tested to eliminate any kind of design flaws. The Jumbo bag unloading system works efficiently even when the material in the bag is not of the free-flowing type making it a very well-balanced system for production processes. Every design for loading and unloading materials is also perfectly counterbalanced and this ensures that the material flows from the bottom to the center of the bag in a smooth manner.

  • Safe and clean working environment
  • Dust-free environment air
  • Simple handling of big bags
  • Applicable for different conveying and storage systems
  • Wide range of models for different applications
  • Easy to clean
  • Maintenance free design
  • Rigid, steel construction
  • Filter system for preventing dust.
  • The modular design of big bag unloading systems makes them easy to be configured for each application need. While standard models have simple frames and discharge hoppers, high-level models have complete solutions in a single main frame. Big bag unloading, product storage, dust collection, dosing, and conveying can all be done in a Single unit.

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