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Plastic Lumps Grinding Machine in Hyderabad

Plastic Lumps Grinding Machine in Hyderabad

Plastic Lumps Grinding Machine in Hyderabad:

Invoit Plast Machinery:

Invoit Plast Machinery is a reputable company based in India, known for delivering reliable solutions in the plastic processing field. The company specializes in the manufacturing and supply of high-quality Plastic Lumps Grinding Machines in Hyderabad, India.

Designed as specialized industrial equipment, a Plastic Lumps Grinding Machine breaks down

large plastic lumps into smaller particles, crucial in plastic recycling and manufacturing.

Key Features:

Rotor Blades:

Equipped with sharp rotating blades mounted on a rotor, these machines efficiently cut and grind plastic lumps into smaller pieces.


The machine features a hopper for feeding plastic lumps into the grinding chamber.

Grinding Chamber:

This is the main area where plastic lumps undergo grinding, with rotor blades shredding and reducing them into smaller particles.

Screen or Mesh:

In this process, operators often use a screen or mesh to control the size of the output particles, ensuring a consistent final product size.

Motor and Drive System:

Powered by electric motors, these machines’ drive systems are crucial for controlling the speed and efficiency of the grinding process.

Safety Features:

Incorporates safety mechanisms like emergency stop buttons and protective enclosures to ensure operator safety.

Material Handling System:

Some machines may include features for material handling, such as conveyor belts or augers, to automate feeding and discharge processes.

Dust Collection System:

Integrating a dust collection system minimizes environmental impact by managing the dust generated during the

plastic grinding process, maintaining a clean working environment.

Service Areas:

Invoit Plast Machinery provides Plastic Lumps Grinding Machine in Hyderabad, covering areas such as Uppal, Madhapur,

Ameerpet, Begumpet, Somajiguda, Gachibowli, Manikonda, Miyapur, Kondapur, Bhardari, Sanathnagar, and Azamabad.


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