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Flexible Storage Silo Supplier in Ankleshwar

Flexible Storage Silo Supplier in Ankleshwar

Flexible Storage Silo Supplier in Ankleshwar:

Invoit Plast Machinery:
Invoit Plast Machinery is recognized in India for delivering reliable solutions in the plastic processing field.

The company specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality Flexible Storage Silo in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India.

A flexible storage silo, also known as a flexible silo or fabric silo, is a versatile and innovative storage solution designed for bulk materials. These structures, made from flexible and durable materials, offer a range of benefits in storage capacity, installation, and adaptability, unlike traditional rigid silos.

Construction and Material:

Made from high-strength, flexible fabric materials, often reinforced with specialized coatings for durability.
The flexible nature allows for easy expansion and contraction based on the stored material volume.

Storage Capacity:

Offers a scalable storage solution with varying capacities to accommodate different quantities of bulk materials.
Can be customized to meet specific storage needs, making it suitable for a wide range of industries.

Installation and Assembly:

Relatively quick and straightforward installation compared to traditional rigid silos.
Modular design allows for easy assembly and disassembly, facilitating relocation if necessary.


Suitable for storing various bulk materials such as powders, granules, and even liquids.
Can adapt to irregular terrain or limited available space, providing flexibility in placement.


Airtight Sealing: Maintains the quality and integrity of stored materials by preventing external contamination.
Integrated Ventilation Systems: Regulates temperature and humidity inside the silo.
Easy Access: Some designs include access ports or openings for convenient loading, unloading, and inspection.


Agriculture: Used for storing grains, seeds, and other agricultural products.
Chemical Industry: Suitable for powders, pellets, and other bulk chemical materials.
Food and Beverage: Ideal for storing ingredients such as flour, sugar, or additives.
Plastics and Polymers: Provides efficient storage for granules and powders.

We Provide Flexible Storage Silo Supplier in Ankleshwar Including Surat, Daman, Bharuch, Dahej, Jhagadia, Valia, Panoli, Palej, Amod, Rajpipla, Vapi.


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